Pint Man Statue

No image is so emblematic of Britain’s War on Terror as that of Pint Man. During the 2017 Ramadan London Bridge and Borough Market bombing, Paul Armstrong was photographed amidst the chaos, clearly attempting not to spill his beer even while running for his life.

We propose that a life size statue should be erected on the pavement in Borough Market in order to immortalise the spirit of citizens’ war on terror.

“That’s what happens when you get a Scouser to pay London Pint Prices” – Lad Bible

If we are to be faithful to Pint Man’s location, the statue would be erected on the East pavement of Borough High Street. The pavement widens at this point to form an open air space in the gap between buildings – making a convenient location for the monument.

“It was at this location that Paul Armstrong refused to put down his pint of beer during the June 2017 terrorist attacks.”

Thus the plight of Pint Man itself has become emblematic of White survival. Pint Man’s statue will be erected in Moscow – where white African famers, settlers and refugees have found refuge, having made it out alive and found refuge at the very end of the egg-and-spoon race for the preservation of civilisation.

If you would like to see this hero honoured with a statue, please sign the petition.