Z-Gen High Jinks

Despite lockdowns, catastrophic T-levels and health n’ safety, British children are still managing to do normal stuff. This video of animal-rights activist Cressida Gethin absolutely made my day.

Holding up a motorway with her banner, when she should be in church or something, I have fond memories of an ex-girlfriend a bit like that. It won’t be funny when she’s old enough to be taken seriously, of course, but by then she’ll be protesting about something serious (unless she matures into one of those bearded freaks who still ties herself to highway gantries at the age of 50 in the hope that the BBC will broadcast her pixellated clopper on the 10 O’Clock News). For now my laughter is with Cressida, and at everyone who let her get in their way.

If we are to judge kids by the adults they turn out to be, we have to let them be kids first.