NatWest: Woke Tyrant or Naïve Scapegoat?

Don’t allow American Corporate Imperialism to hide its face behind one little bank. The Farage fiasco is part of a much bigger problem.

If you buy, sell, invest, eat, travel, litigate, or breathe in the West, remember that international corporate clients are usually more important to your provider’s business than you or any single customer.

To stay ahead in the rat race, your providers signal their compliance with values designed to enable capital to move unimpeded by social structures such as ethnic in-group preferences, family ties, nationalism and so forth. These values are neatly summarised (though not exclusive to), the criteria of the Corporate Equality Index and form the best practices for anyone operating within an arm’s reach of the global monetary supply: The Federal Reserve, BlackRock, all the banks, all the major philanthropic foundations, anyone who wants to deal with them and, by social instinct, everyone who doesn’t want to stand out as a maverick including a large section of the controlled media opposition which brands itself as maverick.

The effect that this ‘back end’ aspect of Corporate Imperialism has on European societies varies. In Britain, which is very much consumed by the beast, it is no doubt advantageous for NatWest to be able to signal to international and state investors that Britain is safe after all and still makes life hard for troublesome dissenters such as Nigel Farage.

There is a balance to be maintained, of course. One still still needs customers to maintain clients and, such is the jolt which came back down the line as a result of cancelling Farage that the decision may, in this case, have been disadvantageous. How many millions would NatWest have to lose at the customer end in order to reconsider their strategy to obtain billions and maintain their very existence at the client end? I don’t know, but the British State bailed them out to the tune of £46bn – a sum which dwarfs the Farage fracas – and the British State certainly aren’t their only big client who could do without the headache caused by those who threaten the internationalist status quo.

In Poland, which is still undergoing its transition into an American Corporate subject, the effects of this type of imperialism are more keenly felt. Here in Warsaw, any squeak of dissent from the almost universally disbelieved narratives of Nordstream 2 and inevitable Ukrainian victory would end a political, media or business career in an instant. Indeed, people compete to out-lie each other in pursuit of the hundreds of billions of American Dollars (quite a lot of money in this part to the world), which are flowing to front line contracts in the war of demarcation between the commercial Western empire and that of the martial East.

The very fact that the people know that you are lying makes the lie worthwhile. There can be no greater declaration of loyalty than to proclaim commitment to what both parties know to be false and untenable. That’s your ‘men can give birth too‘ right there.

Within America’s cachement, any society which dissents from these lies is either swimming in American Venture Capital (targeted to entice the willing), Marshal aid (targeted to rebuild the formerly unwilling in the correct image), blockaded (like Cuba), or cancelled (like Nigel Farage).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d still rather live in America’s cachement than that of, say, China or most of the non-aligned states. But there’s a balance and a tipping point in how far anyone is prepared to go in bearing false witness. Doing it en masse may buy some extra mileage, but I feel reluctance creeping in among those who evaluate the world with their eyes open.

My point is petty, but actionable by anyone reading this: over the next few weeks, we will see Coutts – the NatWest subsidiary which closed Nigel Farage’s account – dragged to the stocks and pilloried on a fecklessly nebulous charge of being ‘woke.’ Please keep your eyes on the ball. The actions provoked from this one little bank are a symptom of a much wider corporate putsch which will attempt to hide itself behind occasional denouncements, show trials, and chuntering from the very Human Rights hymnbooks which were used by Coutts to cancel Farage in the first place. We’re getting nowhere unless we’re addressing the powers higher up.